controlling sound and video in performances and installations with Junxion
Ivo Bol Not Festival Dansehallerne Copenhagen october 2012

In this hands-on workshop we will learn how to control sound or video in a creative way with unusual controllers. We will work with moving objects, camera's, bodies, sound, light, usb game controllers and the Wii remote to control and manipulate sound or video in live performances or installations, using the Junxion software. The last two days of the workshop we will work on a collaborative performance in Lille Carl using the things we learned. The workshop is suitable for artistst such as musicians, performers, dancers, choreographers, VJ's, installation artists etc. Previous experience with computers or programming is helpful but not necessary. Participants need to bring their own Apple computer running OS 10.4 or higher (computers can be shared between a group of people if necessary), and optionally their favorite music or VJ software, soundfiles, usb game controllers, digital camera's with fw output, iphones, ipad or ipod touch (with apps like Touch OSC) or Wii remote.

JunXion is a powerful musical tool developed at STEIM in Amsterdam. It allows you to read, translate, map, reroute and process incoming data from devices such as Joysticks, Game-Pads, Touch- screens ( including Iphones or Ipod touch), Nintendo Wii Remotes, Audio and video inputs, and Arduino's. JunXion v4 can be seen as a user friendly programming environment in which you can define the behavior of your physical input devices. JunXion employs a programming model where all tasks are performed with the graphical user interface. Entering code or 'scripts' is not necessary. JunXion works only with Mac OS 10. A 2-week trial version will be provided. More info and trial version are available here:

DAY 1 Monday 22-10-2012 Lille Sal 16.30-19.30
Introduction, examples of different uses of JunXion
introduction usb game controllers, Wii remote
hands on programming

DAY 2 Tuesday 23-10-2012 Lille Sal 16.30-19.30
working with usb game controllers, Wii remote
hands on programming

DAY 3 Wednesday 24-10-2012 Lille Sal 16.30-19.30
working with a camera
hands on programming
planning the performance

DAY 4 Thursday 24-10-2012 Lille Sal all day
work on the performance, presentation in the evening

DAY 5 Friday 26-10-2012 Lille Sal all day
work on the performance, presentation in the evening

more info: ivobol [ at ] xs4all [dot] nl
JunXion and LiSa are developped by STEIM, suitable for mac only.
JunXion Lite is 25 eur
JunXion V5 is 75 euro